i havent been feeling well and my computer died so updating is going to be hard.  im working on a solution but i dont have a phone to do updates and my computer was my last hope.  im borrowing one right now.  i just wanted to say thanks for the support and im trying really hard to fix this so y’all can follow me better.  i got some great picture to show you all.  please spread the word and help me out cuz now its really hard for me.  i promise this will be getting much better and have some awesome picture and videos and thought from my travel.  and sneak peek i may be gathering a few travel friends that will join me and if your interested in joining me travel the united states just drop me a line.  i love you all hopefully this will be fixed soon



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Working on TheRollingNomad Bucket List……

1)    Ride a Bicycle across the United States
2)    Base Jump from a Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth in the same day.
3)    Raise at least $10,000 each for at least three different charities.
4)    Save a Life
5)    Learn to speak five new languages
a)    French,
b)    Spanish,
c)    Russian,
d)    Romanian,
e)    Other ( I haven’t decided yet)
6)    Learn to juggle more than three objects
7)    Drink a nice scotch in Scotland
8)    Drink vodka in Russia
9)    Visit every continent
10)   Ride an animal
a)    Elephant
b)    Ostrich
c)    Water buffalo
d) Camel
11)  Drink rum with a pirate
12)  See the Colosseum
13)  Go to Machu Picchu
14)  Visit the Musée du Louvre
15)  Visit the Georgia Guide Stones
16)  Eat lunch on Table Mountain
17)  Mine gold in Alaska
18)  Shark dive without a cage
19)  Walk through a tree
20)  Walk on fire
21)  Learn Violin
22)  Base jump into  Vrtoglavica Cave
23)  Witness a volcano erupt
24)  Get a DLSR
25)  Drink wine in Italy
26)  Ride a horse on the beach
27)  Fold 1,000 paper cranes and make a wish
28)  Run a marathon or three
29)  Dive the Great Barrier Reef
30)  Learn to read micro-expressions
31)  Jump on a crocodile
32)  Get a skydiving license
33)  Complete the seven summit
34)  Stand on a Glacier
35)  Run with the bulls
36)  Join in tomato fight
37)  Drink Ayahuasca tea
38)  Break a brick with my fist
39)  Stand on the Four Corners
40) Go to Carnival
41)  Discover what makes me truly happy
42)  Sleep in a castle

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TheRollingNomad Cross-Country Trip Gear Rundown

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The worst part….and…..

Now that I have this whole web-presence set up I realize a few things…. Updating it is not that bad but I kinda don’t like a few things.  First the writing, I hate this part.  I suck at grammar and punctuation.  I type like I talk and type as fast as I think so I misspell things and have to go back to fix it.  lastly capitalization….pain in my ass!  Second I started this whole process so that I would have saved all the memories and even thought of my trip.  I have don’t lots of things before but I only have memories and as time goes by the memories start to fade.  Before i could think about a place i had been and could damn-near remember the smell but now its hard enough remembering when exactly I was even there.  By documenting my trip I will have the ability to look at a picture, blog post, video, or hear a saved audio journal entry and the memory will be fresh once again.  Another side to this is that I will be able to show people what I’m talking about when I tell a story about something I did.  I tell lots of people stories about things i have done of lots of people like to hear about them but it will add a new dimension being able to show people…. plus it will be proof for those hard to believe tales of travel.  While the basic traveling from here to there will have its tedious and often boring parts, the arrival to a new place and adventure there after will be a memory I want to cherish and share and show other people.  Not to just have it locked in my mind.  Which brings me to something that those who already know me….know very well.  I hate with a passion being on camera or in video…….this could pose to be a problem, one I will overcome of course but not with some trouble on my part.  I have never been a fan of being in front of a camera I liked being behind them or not at all.  One trouble is that when you start documenting your life there is a chance you will stop living.  By this i mean your living from behind the lens.  I do not want this to happen.  You can miss out on many things when this happens. Another reason I don’t like being on camera is a long held belief of why take pictures and video if you can just live it in the first person. As previously mentioned that doesn’t always work out like you plan.  So now I start documenting so that down the road and after it is all said and done…maybe done…. I have something to look back on and say this is what I did and hopefully wont lose the parts of the memories.

“One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.” —Albert Einstein

– The Rolling Nomad



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First trial packup

first bike pack-up

thought i would need a the backpack and another on the bike rack but i got it to MOSTLY fit in the back pack…..how to fit the rest??

I know I could go with my original plan and wear the backpack and just use another bag on the back bike rack; but if I do that I would be carrying a lot of weight on my back and that would…..well…..SUCK!!  As of now and the current set up I just need to pack up camera gear which is not much using small cameras and a few odds and ends.  Best part of it all I only have a camel-back on my back which is much more user-friendly for a long trip.

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